Sunday, February 19, 2012

Inspiring Fractal Gifts

Fractals are pure magic: the diversity and scope is something we as artists are only just beginning to discover. I collected some of the most beautiful fractal products from Zazzle for you today, to get a taste of it.
Also see walstraasart fractals, a great mousepad and more products by Xzendor7 as previously posted. (There are some gems here and there if you browse through this blog!)
Dream Temple Of Kidora III Art Table Placemats placematBlue Meanies Doodle doodle
left: Dream Temple Of Kidora III Art Table Placemats by Xzendor7
"Dreams Are Believed To Be Visions Of Our Subconscious, But Some Dreams Are Much Much More." Read the entire description of this beautiful artwork on the product information.
right: Blue Meanies Doodle by DsyneGrafix
Original fractal art. I like this also because the design fits the product so well!

Cool abstract iPad Spiral ribbons speckcase Farbrausch Card
left: Cool abstract iPad Spiral ribbons by walstraasart
The design on this case shows spiral ribbons in rainbow colors. This product can be customized by adding text like a name or monogram.
right: Farbrausch Card by SophieLerlei
Greeting card with original fractal art.
Flower Power Messenger Bag rickshawmessengerbagTulip Hearts Pillow throwpillow
left: Flower Power Messenger Bag by annevisdesign
An eye-catching bag with original fractal flowers in the colors of the flower power era.
right: Tulip Hearts Pillow by FractalFun
This pretty pillow features a kaleidoscope made from a picture of tulips. Once in its fractal form, delicate pink hearts appear in the middle.

Escher Fractal iPad Case speckcaseAfter Effect sticker
left: Escher Fractal iPad Case by annevisdesign
iPad case with Escher style fractal design in trendy red, white and black colors.
right: After Effect by MyOtherPlanet
A happy swirling fractal design!

Cool abstract Messenger bag with Monogram rickshawmessengerbagOcean Breeze Mousepad mousepad
left: Cool abstract Messenger bag with Monogram by walstraasart
This messenger bag has trendy pastel rainbow colors and on the back side a monogram. This product can be customized by changing the background color (with the edit function) and / or by removing or changing the monogram / text into the desired one. It is also possible to change the colors of the binding and / or interior.
right: Ocean Breeze Mousepad by annevisdesign
Mousepad with original abstract fractal art in dreamy colors.