Wednesday, February 8, 2012

iPhone 4 Cases

New iPhone Cases, my Todays Best Award:
Funny Vintage Frogs speckcaseFour Guitars #1B casematecase
left: Funny Vintage Frogs by golden_oldies
"Vintage frog iPhone case. Vintage frogs, one of them lost his pants, wonder what happened there? Funny frog gifts." This is so cute! :-)
right: Four Guitars #1B by sc0001
"Customisable phone cases with a design featuring four guitars; electric, bass and acoustic. The guitars are all separate graphics which can be rearranged, resized etc as required, the blue background texture can be deleted and replaced with a flat colour if required. All customisation options are available after clicking 'Customise it'."
Brilliant design!

Orange Cat speckcasePretty Chic Retro Flower Graphic Design casematecase
left: Orange Cat by AmeliaHunter
"This handsome guy is Gus, available for adoption at Outcast Cat Help in Martinez, CA. He's a domestic medium hair orange mix cat." A beautiful cat and an awesome painting. It would be really great if he finds a good home soon!
right: Pretty Chic Retro Flower Graphic Design by prawny_wallpaper
iPhone case with decorative illustration of retro style flowers in different colors. A beautiful design!