Thursday, March 29, 2012

Featured today: Birthday Cards

It's not always easy to find a suitable and beautiful birthday card.
I chose some for you today that I find inspiring:

Stained Glass Luxury Flower Greeting Card zazzle_cardAge 6 Birthday Frog Greeting card zazzle_card
left: Stained Glass Luxury Flower Greeting Card by ChiakiSato
You can personalize this card by changing the inside photograph. A Japanese stained glass artist, Chiaki Sato, created the unique picture by collecting the high quality glass. And then she added the color of graphic just to background. This original photography is called as Art Glass Picture.
right: Age 6 Birthday Frog Greeting card by Doodlescardsnstamps
A cute kid's birthday card!

Romantic Rose Birthday Card zazzle_cardCute Doggy Card zazzle_card
left: Romantic Rose Birthday Card by sunnysites
A very romantic card indeed ... Happy Birthday!
right: Cute Doggy Card by walstraasart
Card with a cute blue doggy wishing a Happy Birthday. The inside of this card is also illustrated. This product can be customized by removing this text or adding (more) text. It is also possible to change the background colors!

Onions Five Cents Collage Birthday zazzle_cardHappy Birthday Apple Blossoms, Honey Bee zazzle_card
left: Onions Five Cents Collage Birthday by birthdaygreeting
ollage on a block of scrap wood by Angelandspot 2010 using vintage ephemera.
right: Happy Birthday Apple Blossoms, Honey Bee by catherinesherman
A honey bee visits beautiful apple blossoms on the front and back of this card.

Hugs and kisses for sweetheart zazzle_card
left: "Grog's Secret" BD Card by barnzart
Grog celebrates your birthday in his casual laid-back style.
right: Hugs and kisses for sweetheart by Art2Print
A heartwarming card, great to congratulate your sweetheart for his/her birthday!

Nautical Boating Theme Party Invitations Birthday zazzle_cardHappy 30th Birthday Card Humorous Customizable Age zazzle_card
left: Nautical Boating Theme Party Invitations Birthday by thebirthdayshop
Nautical Boating Theme Party Invitations Birthday.
right: Happy 30th Birthday Card Humorous Customizable Age by biglnet
A funny 30th birthday card that has a photograph of a comical figure. Customizable with any age on front and inside.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top Ten Today's Best

Some really inspiring and artistic products on Zazzle today:

Vilanostris Wrapped Canvas zazzle_wrappedcanvasSublime Western Astrology Wheel zazzle_wrappedcanvas
left: Vilanostris Wrapped Canvas by Fiery_Fire
Design created in Fractal software.
right: Sublime Western Astrology Wheel by WellWritWitch
Full of color and feeling, you can almost sense the motion of the signs as the pass across the night sky. Features original art by M. Watkins c. 2011

Rose Heart Sweet 16 Photo Birthday Invitations gd zazzle_invitationShoe Money Jar zazzle_candyjar
left: Rose Heart Sweet 16 Photo Birthday Invitations gd by CritterCreationsbyCW
Elegant rose lace sweet 16 photo birthday invitations with delicate gold scroll artwork on a white and gold colored background edged with a white rose lace design topped with a gold heart shaped birthday cake! Personalize this beautiful rose heart sweet 16 birthday invitation with your choice of text style and color and add your favorite photo of your soon to be 16 yr old for a one of a kind sweet 16 birthday invitation!
right: Shoe Money Jar by 123Abigail
Use this jar to stash extra money for your shoe collection. This would also be a good gift for a shoe lover too!

Carriage Pink Roses Princess Birthday Party zazzle_invitationCustomizable Corporate Formal Event Invitation zazzle_card
left: Carriage Pink Roses Princess Birthday Party by InvitationCentral
Pink roses princess sweet 16 birthday party invitation.
right: Customizable Corporate Formal Event Invitation by artofmairin
Corporate Formal Event Invitation with customizable inside text.

BLUE DOG fuji_electronicsbagI'm Not Fat, I'm A Sprinter! laptop sleeve fuji_electronicsbag
left: BLUE DOG by CNelson01
A chocolate lab rests his chin on the door while waiting for his master to return.
right: I'm Not Fat, I'm A Sprinter! laptop sleeve by Brakeless
Wear the fun of your sport on your sleeve, literally, with this attention-grabbing laptop sleeve.

Marble Portable Speakers - Doodle zazzle_doodleBaby Shower Teddy Bear Boy zazzle_invitation
left: Marble Portable Speakers - Doodle by ShotsBySue
Vermont marble will make this speaker look smart on any desk or table.
right: Baby Shower Teddy Bear Boy by kidsonly
Cute baby shower invitations are fully customizable. Make your party something to remember!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Graduation Party Invitations

Today I selected some of the most inspiring and beautiful graduation party invitations for you:
Graduation Celebration Party Invitation Card zazzle_invitationComic Book Pop Art Graduation Party Invitation! zazzle_invitation
left: Graduation Celebration Party Invitation Card by McBooboo
Modern yet Elegant Graduation celebration party invitation with colorful caps and tassels, confetti, streamers and a framed background of silhouetted graduation caps. Customize with your own info.
right: Comic Book Pop Art Graduation Party Invitation! by McBooboo
For the graduate that wants something fun, different and original! Comic book inspired graduation party invitation with cloudburst explosion of caps, diploma, certificate, balloons and confetti. The back holds your party information. Hand drawn illustration by McBooboo.

Graduation Beach Party - Invitation in a Bottle - zazzle_invitationGraduation Pool Party - SRF zazzle_invitation
left: Graduation Beach Party - Invitation in a Bottle - by sharonrhea
This will make a popping invitation for a graduation beach party or delete the cap and you have whatever you want! Play with the paper stocks to suit your style and price range; yet, I always use Metallic Ice for the nice shine. Zazzle offers quantity discounts, so have a big one ... and enjoy. Sharon Rhea Ford
right: Graduation Pool Party - SRF by sharonrhea
I designed this on a square size, but have noticed large orders on the large rectangular size, so .... as is the case always with Zazzle, it's up to you! Customize it to suit your needs. It's a template. Try out the different paper stocks. I have it on Metallic Ice for the shine; yet, white looks great too ! Prices vary, but Zazzle does offer generous quantity discounts ... : ) I'll offer a few versions of this. Thank you and have fun ! Sharon Rhea Ford, NBCT-Art

Stylish Leopard 2012 Grad Announcement Invitation zazzle_invitationClass of 2012 Graduation Invitation Orange Planet zazzle_invitation
left: Stylish Leopard 2012 Grad Announcement Invitation by OLPamPam
Celebrate your graduation with this stylish orange, black & white leopard print with swirls 2012 graduation announcement and party invitation. Your class of 2012 will love receiving these invitations to your year end party.
right: Class of 2012 Graduation Invitation Orange Planet by pixibition
Class of 2012 Graduation Invitation Orange Disco Planet
Invite your friends and relatives to graduation party with this graduation announcement!
Customize this card by replace with your image and pick your choice of colors on background
Design by Poramit

Graduation Party Gold Black White Leopard Zebra zazzle_invitationZebra Stripe Photo and Ribbon Graduation zazzle_invitation
left: Graduation Party Gold Black White Leopard Zebra by Zizzago
Graduation Party Gold Animal Print Black White Leopard Zebra Silver Girl Grad Graduation Party Graduate Party Elegant Party, Celebration . Customize with your own details and Photo.
right: Zebra Stripe Photo and Ribbon Graduation by happygotimes
Pretty Zebra stripe photo with bow graduation party invitation or announcement. Customize text on both front and back of this invitation as needed. Upload a favorite photo of your grad to share with family and friends.

Blue and Gold Grunge Photo Graduation zazzle_invitationGraduation Party Invitation zazzle_invitation
left: Blue and Gold Grunge Photo Graduation by NoteableExpressions
This cool grunge graduation announcement is a great special look for your teen. The background is blue with a grunge look. There are three gold stripes and a gold grunge frame for a large photo of your teen. Just below the photo is a lace for your name. Your text and another photo goes on the back. Just add your picture and alter the text and you are all set!
right: Graduation Party Invitation by annevisdesign
A cute yet stylish graduation party invitation. Congratulations!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Recipe Binders

Are you looking for gift for someone with cooking as hobby? You may find some inspiration from the binders I found today:
Bakery Boutique Cakes & Patisserie Binder zazzle_binderRecipes binder zazzle_binder
left:Bakery Boutique Cakes & Patisserie Binder by Spice
Sweet binder or album for patisserie, bakery and other sweet treat businesses or cooks who love to create fantastic desserts. It features a delicious display of cakes, candies and ice cream in pink and chocolate with a touch of aqua. Customize text areas.
right: Recipes binder by QuattroDesign
A lovely recipes binder for all your special family recipes. A wonderful birthday gift for any cook or mothersday. Can be fully customized to make it an unique gift.

Bakery Girl Recipe Binder Illustrated zazzle_binderSnazzy Recipes zazzle_binder
left:Bakery Girl Recipe Binder Illustrated by ArtbyMonica
Illustrated bakery recipe binder with a detailed illustration of a beautiful brunette girl, holding a chocolate cake. Is easy to customize your name on the binder!
right: Snazzy Recipes by trennea
A great way to store your most delicious recipes!

Cocktail recipe summer pub gift zazzle_binderOld World Olive Oil Vintage Retro Customizable zazzle_binder
left: Cocktail recipe summer pub gift by mensgifts
Beautiful cocktail liqueur and mixer binders with a background infused with pink, purple, lavender and mauve, which has two martini glasses on the left edge with bright purple cherries in them. The graphic is bordered by a vibrant chocolate brown band, which has the word "Cocktails" in a pale pink. The word "Cool" appears over the stem of the martini glasses. WORDING ~ Change the wording to reflect whatever you prefer. CUSTOMIZE IT ~ Feel free to change the colour / size and style of the font; and to add additional templates, or delete those not required by using the "customize it" button. IDEAL FOR ~ Men as "pub gifts" on their birthday; for restaurants, hotels, mixologists; pubs; saloons and any business in the hospitality or entertainment industry that serves delicious mixers or has a "happy hour" menu. If you are a barman or work with spirits and beverages, this trendy and unique album is ideal.
right: Old World Olive Oil Vintage Retro Customizable by cowboyannie
Vintage olive oil advertising label from Nice France features European woman cooking with herbs and spices and virgin olive oil. Personalize it with your own text on spine.

Queen's Carriage: Recipe Binder zazzle_binderRecipes Strawberries Binder zazzle_binder
left: Queen's Carriage: Recipe Binder by daphne1024
Lovely and beautiful Queen's carriage designed on a custom recipe binder. Cute and special gift for your mom, wife or friends! Very easy to edit the wordings, typefaces, colors, and sizes of all the text when you personalize the product.
right: Recipes Strawberries Binder by TrudyWilkerson
Basket of strawberries on front and on back but raining on them - Personalize and make it your own.

Dotted Design Binder zazzle_binderRetro Romantic Binder zazzle_binder
left: Dotted Design Binder by sunnysites
Dotted design binder, a beautiful binder for your recipes.
right: Retro Romantic Binder by annevisdesign
A beautiful nostalgic binder. You can replace the horse image with your own image if you like!

Also take a look at a previous post with inspiring binders!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Creative design buttons

If you are looking for inspiring art, you can find it on these buttons:

Train Steam Engine Choo Choo Pins zazzle_buttonCute Knitting Grandma Button zazzle_button
left: Train Steam Engine Choo Choo Pins by art1st
Chug Chug...Choo Choo! Exciting sounds of trains and railroading! Zazzle is proud to offer this large selection of customizable items with this steam engine image by artist Richard Neuman. His uniquely styled images combining detail with a touch of whimsy is collected worldwide.
right: Cute Knitting Grandma Button by sunnysites
A cute cartoon button with a knitting grandma ... there is just something irresistible about grandmothers ... unconditional love, contentment, humor ... They have it all! A great button to reward the fabulous qualities of grandma!

Kids for World Peace zazzle_buttonRed-headed Bunting Emberiza bruniceps zazzle_button
left: Kids for World Peace by _NoAngel
Kids around he world unite for world peace
right: Red-headed Bunting Emberiza bruniceps by VintageGiftStore
Emberiza Bruniceps Gould, painted by John Gould & Henry C. Richter - Unknown date. Source of this painting: Birds of Asia, by John Gould, 1867-72 John Gould Henry and C Richter.

Happy, Birthday, To Me zazzle_buttonBaby Angel zazzle_button
left: Happy, Birthday, To Me by luvmibug
Wear this on your Birthday and Celebrate Yourself!
right: Baby Angel by zizwce
Cute baby angel ...

soccer ball zazzle_buttonLittle Dalmation Fireman - Customize zazzle_button
left: soccer ball by LazGurl
Soccer button.
right: Little Dalmation Fireman - Customize by BabyAndMe
Cute Dalmatian puppy dog, fire truck and fireman hat with sunny yellow stripe background for an adorable boy birthday theme. Text and Date can be customized by you. Birthday could be changed to First, Second or Third if you prefer.

Happy Rainbow Spiral Button zazzle_buttonRetro Robot Button zazzle_button
left: Happy Rainbow Spiral Button by annevisdesign
Button with original fractal design in happy and vibrant colors.
right: Retro Robot Button by MDKgraphics
Retro Robot.