Monday, March 12, 2012

Awesome t-shirts!

A beautiful artistic t-shirt makes a delightful personal gift. And of course it is always great to pamper yourself as well! I found some wonderful creative design shirts on Zazzle:

Long and smooth coat chihuahuas shirtCheetah! shirt
left: Long and smooth coat chihuahuas by fhooper
Two beautiful chihuahua champions.
right: Cheetah! by pawtraitart
Artistic rendering of a cheetah by animal artist Michelle J.A. McIntyre:
"This design is from an orginal mixed media painting. In addition to life-like colors, I blended in some linework with beautiful greens, purples, and deep reds."

GREENIE shirtRainbow Tree Tee ladies shirt
left: Greenie by ikoniatis
"Green is beautiful. Let's give Greenie a hand to change attitude instead of climate!"
right: Rainbow Tree Tee ladies by Badrobot
Gorgeous Rainbow Tee.
This T-shirt is stunning, very eye catching and memorable, Looks great in a range of colours.

Chevrolet Bel Air - Red shirtCadillac_Eldorado_53, Cadillac......Class shirt
left: Chevrolet Bel Air - Red by rumplefart
A Classic American Car: a beautiful red Chevy Bel Air.
right: Cadillac_Eldorado_53, Cadillac......Class by Chadillac11
For a true Cadillac lover!

Vintages Roses T-shirt shirt
left: Vintages Roses T-shirt by golden_oldies
Sweet vintage roses. A great gift for the gardener, as well as for anyone who loves flowers! Beautiful shirt with lots of Cabbage roses. Sweet and romantic shirt.
right: "Zulu hour" T-Shirt by CrazyBear4U
Want to be the center of attention? You CAN BE with THIS one-of-a-kind Fantasy Art piece printed upon a beautiful, wearable canvas.

Bast Goddess Egyptian Bastet Cat Art T-Shirt shirtbuddah tshirt shirt
left: Bast Goddess Egyptian Bastet Cat Art T-Shirt by TigerpixieArt
Carrie Hawks Fantasy Cat Art Original Products:
Bast Goddess Egyptian Bastet Cat Art T-Shirt.
right: buddah tshirt by funny_tshirt
Enlightenment t-shirt. Beautiful Buddah tee shirt makes a lovely uplifting gift ...