Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gifts for nature lovers: every day earth day postage

Postage is maybe not the first thing that comes to mind when you think gifts. Yet these beautiful Earth Day stamps will be delightful to a nature lover and also make a wonderful gift for yourself!

Earth Day Blossoms Stamp stampEarth Day Postage stamp
left: Earth Day Blossoms Stamp by Hafapea
A beautiful green floral design stamp.
right: Earth Day Postage by sunnysites
Let's keep it green! :-)
Original art postage ... an eye-catcher!

Sunny Days stampWind Power stamp
left: Sunny Days by naturetees
Great artistic and happy postage!
right: Wind Power by maggie02
"Wind Power. Save Out Planet Stamp-The planet needs us now! Start Recycling, Use Reusable Totes, Save Energy by cutting back on water, electric, etc. Check out these beautiful GO GREEN products that will help you save our planet but also let others know as well by displaying your ideas to the world."

Elephants Earth Day is Every Day Postage Stamps stampKoalas Earth Day is Every Day Postage Stamps stamp
left: Elephants Earth Day is Every Day Postage Stamps by Coconutzoo
Elephant Habitat Postage Stamps. Graphic painting of elephants in their habitat at sunset.
right: Koalas Earth Day is Every Day Postage Stamps by Coconutzoo
Koalas Earth Day Postage Stamps. Graphic painting of koalas in their habitat.

Happy Earth Smilie stampEarth Day stamp
left: Happy Earth Smilie by Holder
Smilie shows up for Earth Day! Created on the computer by Holder.
right: Earth Day by maggie02
Earth Day Postage Stamp-The perfect stamp for anyone who is into protecting our environment to save the planet. After all, Earth is the only planet we have. Going Green looks so cute on this stamp with this funny little cartoon frog with a big smile. You'll be proud to put this on all your outgoing snail mail envelopes/letters.

Earthday Shirts and Gifts stampEarth Day Yin Yang Postage stamp
left: Earthday Shirts and Gifts by earthdaytshirts
Earth Day postage with supportive hands ... yours? :-)
right: Earth Day Yin Yang Postage by Jaenne
Green and brilliant design postage to celebrate and honor Earth Day.