Thursday, March 22, 2012

Inspiring Mousepads

Mousepads are a beautiful way to bring color into your life. Every artwork brings it's own atmosphere and colors.
I chose some artistic designs for you today to surprise a loved one:

Frog Eye mousepadLove and affection mousepad mousepad
left: Frog Eye by Bebops
This mousepad features a close up of a green frog's eye as she floats in the pond on a hot summer day. Her iris is an incredible pattern of gold and yellow. The pure black oval pupil in the center reflects trees in the distance.
right: Love and affection mousepad by pics4merch
Show your affection for your love with this 'ladybug on flower' mousepad design.

Detail of a pocket watch mousepad
left: Detail of a pocket watch by The_Edge_of_Light
Detail photograph of a pocket watch showing the gears and mechanisms. The metal is gold and silver colored. The etching says 21 Jewels.
right: "Fairy Jumble" Mousepad by artbyjaz
Artistic fairy mousepad.

Go Fish mousepadArt Deco 2 mousepad
left: Go Fish by Tees2go
Mousepad featuring colourful fishes swimming in the wavy purple sea.
Rated G Report violation
right: Art Deco 2 by animotaxis
Colorful art deco, art nouveau mosaic tiles and stripes.

Beautiful Mermaid Mousepad by Molly Harrison mousepadSpiral Shell Mousepad mousepad
left: Beautiful Mermaid Mousepad by Molly Harrison by robmolily
'Fresh Water Mermaid' - From the Fantasy Art of Molly Harrison
right: Spiral Shell Mousepad by artinphotography
Beach lover? Sea shell lover? Pretty up your office space with this mousepad featuring beautiful color photography of a creamy brown and white seashell spiral. Great for beach and ocean lovers!

Kittens Mousepad mousepadWave Spiral Fractal Art Mousepad mousepad
left: Kittens Mousepad by sunnysites
We all know that cats love to catch a mouse ... :-) A cute gift for a cat-lover!
right: Wave Spiral Fractal Art Mousepad by annevisdesign
Mousepad with original spiral fractal art in the shape of an abstract wave in beautiful colors.