Saturday, March 17, 2012

Presenting: 3D artist Steve Young

Today I'd like to feature just one artist and this is Steve Young.
A highly talented and skillful artist with a great sense of humor and we're bound to hear more about him!
Here is a selection of just a few of his products as can be found on a range of stores on Zazzle:
3d Cowboy Barbecue speckcase3d Bee Cake button
left: 3d Cowboy Barbecue by WildWestWorld
Sheriff is cooking some franks on the bbq and having a party with some friends.
right: 3d Bee Cake by BeeHaven
Cuddly fuzzy honey bee is really happy with his giant cake! He's going to share it with all the other bee's in his hive, that should create a buzz!

3d Bluebird Cute Wizard gelmousepad3d Smiley Sunbathing shirt
left: 3d Bluebird Cute Wizard by FuzzyTees
Fuzzy bird is a wizard. Don't laugh: he's been to the sorcery school and learnt all the spells and magic, he's really rather good!
right: 3d Smiley Sunbathing by SmileyBalls
Smiley is enjoying sitting in the sun sunbathing on holiday. A deckchair, a cold refreshing drink and some good friends make the perfect holiday!

3d Baby Panda Goal! speckcase3d-scientist-flask mousepad
left: 3d Baby Panda Goal! by PandasTees
Cute furry Panda bear has just saved another goal!
right: 3d-scientist-flask by immadme
3d Mad Scientist has a very strange experiment he's conducting at the moment. Whats in the flask Mad Scientist, it looks dangerous!

3d Clown on Unicycle with Umbrella speckcase3d-rasta-basketball speckcase
left: 3d Clown on Unicycle with Umbrella by Clowned
3d Clown on Unicycle with Umbrella
right: 3d-rasta-basketball by hightees
3d Rastafarian is playing basketball with his buddies.

3d Pirate Ship (Any Color U Like!) shirt3d Goth Guitarist design on iPod case speckcase
left: 3d Pirate Ship (Any Color U Like!) by arrjimlad
Bad crazy pirate is sailing the seven seas in his pirate ship...actually its a small dinghy!
right: 3d Goth Guitarist design on iPod case by spookz
3d Goth Guitarist design on iPod case.