Friday, April 13, 2012

Floral Design iPad Cases

A delightful gift: an iPad case with a flower pattern! Not just for Mother's Day, but also nice for a wedding, birthday or just because ...
I selected some for you today with gorgeous flowers!
Fantasy Flowers iPad Case zazzle_speckcaseFractal Rose iPad Case zazzle_speckcase
left: Fantasy Flowers iPad Case by annevisdesign
A beautiful iPad case with colorful fractal flowers.
right: Fractal Rose iPad Case by annevisdesign
iPad case with a colorful fantasy rose.

Tulips under the sky iPad Case zazzle_speckcaseDecorative romantic iPad case with Rose zazzle_speckcase
left: Tulips under the sky iPad Case by Gatterwe
Stunning vibrant red, orange, black and white tulips under the sky!
right: Decorative romantic iPad case with Rose by walstraasart
This romantic, decorative iPhone case can be customized by changing the background color and / or by adding text.

DECO FANDANGO in Peach, Pink and Green zazzle_speckcaseVictorian English Garden zazzle_speckcase
left: Deco Fandango in Peach, Pink and Green by The_House
Modern and bold with an Art Deco flair, enjoy this fun and colorful, purposely off-center floral composition in shades of peach, pink, sage green and peach.
right: Victorian English Garden by victorian_girl
The Victorians loved floral patterns. This pink and green floral is lovely, feminine and delightful.

Rose Speck Case zazzle_speckcaseTeal blue green + peach floral custom ipad cover zazzle_speckcase
left: Rose Speck Case by Justart
Pink Rose iPad Speck Case.
right: Teal blue green + peach floral custom ipad cover by Jamene_Clothing
This iPad cover case has a dark teal blue, peach and green watercolor floral design at the bottom right. In the background, there is a blue and green distressed look. To the left, you can easily personalize this with your first and last name.

Summertime Fun zazzle_speckcasepurple_droste-1920x1200 flower nature spiral zazzle_speckcase
left: Summertime Fun by GibbyzDezines
This will surely bring you summertime fun.
right: purple_droste-1920x1200 flower nature spiral by CreativeColours
HD Wallpapers unique floral design.

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