Sunday, April 22, 2012

FUN: beach bags!

Thank you all contributing artists who made the wonderful bags you can find here today! I have mainly chosen the sustainable large style bag, which is handmade in Kenya by Malaika mothers. This reusable cotton canvas bag provides these women with the opportunity to earn an income for their families, provide an education for their children, and create a product that improves the environment.
But Zazzle currently offers 7 styles for your bag and also many color options! Day at The Beach zazzle_bagTEE Summer On zazzle_bag
left: Day at The Beach by MindDesignGrafx
Day at The Beach T-Shirts & Gifts Features Colorful beach scene shows smiling sun, umbrella, blanket, ocean and sand. A Celebration of summer. A great Summer Gift!
right: TEE Summer On by teepossible
Get the lighthouse or blue text version of the Time to Get Your Summer On slogan.
Neptune's Gifts rickshaw_messengerbagRomantic Rose Messenger Bag rickshaw_messengerbag
left: Neptune's Gifts by artNimages
A few seashells, a sea urchin, & a starfish rest on a sunny beach.
right: Romantic Rose Messenger Bag by annevisdesign
Messenger bag with a romantic rose design in beautiful soft colors. You can customize or delete the text!
Surfing Evolution zazzle_bagSummer's Here, Time for the Beach - Surfers Beach zazzle_bag
left: Surfing Evolution by packratgraphics
The Theory Of Evolution according to surfers!
right: Summer's Here, Time for the Beach - Surfers Beach by HightonRidley
A great beach bag showing three surfers going for the last dip of the day. The golden skies are lit by the setting sun and the last rays are catching the waves, turning them an electric blue. Personalize the text or leave it as is - it's a fantastic beach bag big enough to hold towel and accessories and promises lots of fun and pleasure at the seaside - perfect today for a brighter tomorrow!
Cute Kids Playing In Park Summer Days zazzle_bagAlong the Waves Green Bag zazzle_bag
left: Cute Kids Playing In Park Summer Days by Molly_Sky
Customizable Summer Days tote bag with a cute and colorful illustration of children and their pets playing in the park.
right: Along the Waves Green Bag by Tees2go
Bag with design of different shades of green waves with rising sun on the horizon. Tropical Cocktail zazzle_bagCôte d'Azur retro styled tote beach bag zazzle_bag
left: Tropical Cocktail by GroovyGraphics
White jumbo tote bag with a bright and colorful tropical cocktail realistic vector illustration with sunglasses, beads, pineapple and a drink with umbrella & straw. A stylish, trendy, summer beach bag. Choose the style & color of your bag.
right: Côte d'Azur retro styled tote beach bag by myworldtravels
Côte d'Azur retro styled tote beach bag.

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