Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beautiful bookmarks: a gift for readers

Bookmarks: a unique gift for anyone who loves reading!
On Zazzle they fall into the "business cards" section, and to be honest: they are also a great way to promote your business, especially if you have clients who love to read.
Today I selected some that I found very beautiful and inspiring.
And yes, of course many cats ... that goes without saying ... :-)
Colorful Butterflies Antiquarian Image Bookmark zazzle_profilecardReading is Sexy - Bookmark zazzle_profilecard
left: Colorful Butterflies Antiquarian Image Bookmark by MyBookmarks
Colorful Butterflies Antiquarian Image Bookmark, Collage of Vintage 19th Century Book Lithographs
right: Reading is Sexy - Bookmark by lkaiser03
Reading is Sexy - Bookmark, two sided bookmark.
Big Ben Bookmark Business Card zazzle_profilecard(Customizable) Bookmark for Bookworms zazzle_profilecard
left: Big Ben Bookmark Business Card by EnglishGardener
Bookmark with photo of Big Ben with blue sky in background, London, England, UK
right: (Customizable) Bookmark for Bookworms by aura2000
One side looks like a book shelf, the other side like the spine of an old book, on which you can insert your contact data, in case you might leave it somewhere.
Musical Bengal cat bookmark zazzle_profilecardGrey Tabby zazzle_profilecard
left: Musical Bengal cat bookmark by deemac1
Seal mink snow spotted Bengal kitty cat lays on the staff lines of a music score book mark for book, cat and music lovers
right: Grey Tabby by sunrisern
Beautiful grey tabby kitten gazes up with green eyes. Bookmark is a 1 x 3" profile card. Bookmark can be personalized with your name on the back.
Library Stacks Bookmark zazzle_profilecardColorful Bookmark zazzle_profilecard
left: Library Stacks Bookmark by Bebops
This bookmark takes you on a walk down a long aisle of books in the stacks of a huge library. The bright lighting reveals book spines in a kaleidoscope of colors: red, green, blue, black, white, gold, brown, purple. The symmetrical angle creates a geometric design that seems to lead to infinity. The reflections on the freshly waxed floor contribute to the overall pattern. The image is repeated on the reverse side.
right: Colorful Bookmark by sunnysites
Artistic design bookmark, you can add your own text.
Medicinal Collage Bookmark zazzle_profilecardCat and books bookmark zazzle_profilecard
left: Medicinal Collage Bookmark by FirstNightDesign
Fully customizable Medicinal Collage Bookmark.
right: Cat and books bookmark by deemac1
Orange and white tabby cat peers out from books bookmark. Great gift for any reader, librarian or teacher.