Monday, May 7, 2012

Experience the magic of mermaids . . .

Enjoy the magical world of mermaids ... Let's dive under the surfaces of the oceans and find these beautiful mythical creatures, depicted in the most wonderful artistic scenes ...
Mermaid Poster zazzle_printJade Moon Mermaid Greeting Card by Molly Harrison zazzle_card
left: Mermaid Poster by hiddenrealms
Watercolor painting of mermaid swimming with a school of fish in the deep ocean waters.
right: Jade Moon Mermaid Greeting Card by Molly Harrison by robmolily
'Jade Moon' by watercolor artist Molly Harrison.
The Clamshell Mermaid Print zazzle_printCanvas Mermaid (Option 2) zazzle_print
left: The Clamshell Mermaid Print by SusanRodio
A pretty mermaid sits peacefully in her undersea haven. She has a pretty multi coloured irridescent tail that changes colour to match her surroundings. A highly detailed and colourful artwork from an original acrylic on canvas painting.
right: Canvas Mermaid (Option 2) by Alenalazareva
Option 2 Sales there is another version of this picture (topless).
Framed print Starlight Lily Mermaid zazzle_keychain
left: Framed print " Mermaid Ariel" by Alenalazareva
Original digital art mermaid painting.
right: Starlight Lily Mermaid by hirokoreaney
Beautiful koi fish mermaid in pond surrounded by lilies and the stars up above.
Light Mermaid Poster zazzle_printLittle Mermaid 2 iPhone 4/4s Speck Case zazzle_speckcase
left: Light Mermaid Poster by octoberwitch
Light Mermaid.
right: Little Mermaid 2 iPhone 4/4s Speck Case by Gatterwe
A little mermaid in the sea playing with their friends, the waterdragon and toon fishes.
Oceans Heart Postcard by Maigan Lynn zazzle_postcardSecret Kisses zazzle_postcard
left: Oceans Heart Postcard by Maigan Lynn by taurmailyn
Send a Hello! from the heart of the Ocean!
right: Secret Kisses by MysticFaeFantasyArt
A beautiful mermaid painting ...

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