Friday, May 4, 2012

Inspiring for nature lovers: fish gifts

In the series of featured inspiring gifts for nature lovers, today is fish day! :-)
I've selected some really beautiful gifts with fish designs for you:
Business Projects Binder zazzle_binderCoral Reef Copperband Butterfly Fish Cork Coaster fuji_coaster
left: Business Projects Binder by sunnysites
Easy store your information with this original art binder, featuring a beautiful creative design fish.
right: Coral Reef Copperband Butterfly Fish Cork Coaster by twopurringcats
Original fine art design of an elegant Copperband Butterfly Fish by artist Carolyn McFann of Two Purring Cats Studio printed on a quality cork coaster for coral reef life fans.
Vintage Salmon postage zazzle_stampBluegill Sunfish. mojo_throwpillow
left: Vintage Salmon postage by antiqueart
This vintage illustration is of a salmon swimming through the water. A great stamp for fishing enthusiasts of all ages!
right: Bluegill Sunfish. by historiceaton
Pillow with a bluegill sunfish.
Camily the Smiling Fish Bag zazzle_bagA Bubbly Thank You Card zazzle_card
left: Camily the Smiling Fish Bag by hgmdigitalarts
Camily the Smiling Fish Bag Beautiful, high quality artwork. Unique, directly produced from original mixed media and digital artwork designs.
right: A Bubbly Thank You Card by Beezazzler
A dark blue and white fish swims by and spits out little light blue bubbles.
Chinese Catfish KNOWLEDGE Traditonal Art zazzle_printWhale Waves Sticker zazzle_sticker
left: Chinese Catfish KNOWLEDGE Traditonal Art by BohemianBoundProduct
Chinese Catfish Knowledge Traditonal Art
right: Whale Waves Sticker by StarStock
A fun sticker with cute whale and blue waves. Customize for party bags, envelope seals for invitations, etc.
Dolphin Mouse Pad zazzle_mousepadPacific_Ocean_Jellyfish zazzle_print
left: Dolphin Mouse Pad by lapatrick1161
Dolphins Playing Mouse Pad.
Pacific_Ocean_Jellyfish by izzyskylar
Pacific Ocean Jellyfish.

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