Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Inspiring small gifts: diswasher magnets

Really cute small gifts: dishwasher magnets!
Find the best new designs here:
Kitty Dish Washer Magnet zazzle_magnetDirty / Clean Cat - Magnet zazzle_magnet
left: Kitty Dish Washer Magnet by kazashiya
Get this kitty dish washer magnet is digital illustration. They are calico cats and looking very Japanese. The lime green for "clean" and sky blue for "dirty".
right: Dirty / Clean Cat - Magnet by gabycat
I wanted my own Dishwasher Dirty/Clean magnet so I did this for myself and wanted to share it with all. A cute black kitty design: dirty paws and golden stars - no more wondering if your dishes are done or not! ;)
Note: designed for and looks better as a square magnet.
Dishwasher Magnet Clean | Dirty - Green Blue zazzle_magnetCute White Coat Bulldog Cartoon - Blue zazzle_magnet
left: Dishwasher Magnet Clean | Dirty - Green Blue by RandomLife
Chartreuse green and light aqua blue dishwasher magnets. Just reverse or flip the magnet to clean or dirty on the front of the dishwasher to inform your family about the dishes inside. Simple modern design.
right: Cute White Coat Bulldog Cartoon - Blue by JKLDesigns
Cute White Coat Bulldog Cartoon - Blue
Clean Dirty Dishwasher Sign zazzle_magnetCute Owls Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet zazzle_magnet
left: Clean Dirty Dishwasher Sign by Rebecca_Reeder
A clean and dirty dishwasher magnet so you never have to wonder if it's time to wash. Design shows gold and white sup and saucer with a big lipstick stain on the dirty coffee cup.
right: Cute Owls Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet by Hannahscloset
Whimsical dishwasher magnet done in white, with cartoon graphic owls in green and brown. On one end of the magnet is a green owl with the green text reading clean, on the other end is a brown owl, with brown text reading Dirty. Fun way to tell if your dishes are clean or dirty, and makes a cute gift idea. Pretty Polka Dot Dishwasher Magnet zazzle_magnetClean and Dirty Piggie Dishwasher Magnet zazzle_magnet
left: Pretty Polka Dot Dishwasher Magnet by DizzyDebbie
Stylish dishwasher magnet, in a turquoise and white polka dot pattern, and a gray and white polka dot, with the gray text reading Clean, on one half of the magnet and aqua text reading dirty, on the other half. Pretty graphics of a turquoise colored ribbon, across the middle is decorated with a pretty satin ribbon flower. Makes a great hostess gift.
right: Clean and Dirty Piggie Dishwasher Magnet by PainterPlace
A clean pig and a dirty pig will tell everyone the state of the dishes.
Dirty Martini Dishwasher zazzle_magnetCutie Cartoon Dishwasher Magnet zazzle_magnet
left: Dirty Martini Dishwasher by sheezl80
Clean or Dirty Martini dishwasher magnet. Place on dishwasher and flip for clean or dirty dishes.
right: Cutie Cartoon Dishwasher Magnet by reflections06
Great little "clean/dirty" dishwasher magnet!

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