Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shine Summer Light around the globe: postage

Stamps are tiny and precious works of art and isn't it just wonderful to be able to send them so easily all over the world? Today I would like to share some awesome summer art gifts with you: a collection of inspiring and creative summer postage, precious little gems!
beach bum stamp Customizable Summer Art Postage
left: beach bum stamp by raycasso
Send a special person a special letter, complete with this cool stamp!
right: Customizable Summer Art Postage by annevisdesign
Postage stamp with original summer fractal art and customizable text.
Tropical Exotic Summer Holidays Vintage travel Martha's Vineyard USA - Postage
left: Tropical Exotic Summer Holidays by Bluedarkat
Sea, passion flowers, palmtrees, sun, for exotic holidays ...
right: Vintage travel Martha's Vineyard USA - Postage by Villesdumonde
Martha's Vineyard is an island located south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, known for being an affluent summer colony. Often called just "The Vineyard," the island has a land area of 87.48 square miles (226.6 km2) and is the 58th largest island in the United States, and the third largest on the East Coast of the United States. It is also the largest island not connected to mainland by a bridge or tunnel on the East Coast of the United States. Martha's Vineyard is primarily known as a summer colony, and is accessible only by boat and by air. However, its year-round population has grown considerably since the 1960s.
Stain Glass Daisy Postage Stamps Tiki Mask Postage
left: Stain Glass Daisy Postage Stamps by atteestude
A beautiful stain glass yellow daisy stamps good for any occasion and daily use.
right: Tiki Mask Postage by ScribbleKitty
Features a brightly colored tiki mask, decorated with tropical leaves and pink hibiscus flowers and a funky flaming background.
gif_3_sea.gif Colourful WindSurfer water sports Postage Stack of Conch Shells on the Beach Postage
left: Colourful WindSurfer Water Sports Postage by CreativeColours
Wind surfer summer art postage stamp.
right: Stack of Conch Shells on the Beach Postage by Meg_Stewart
A stack of three pretty conch shells on a smooth sandy beach - perfect for a touch of summer anytime and totally customizable for you.
Summer Stamp charming bird stamps
left: Summer Stamp by FreemindsArt
Fun and colorful painting of a dancing girl in a summer dress.
right: Charming Bird Stamps by KatAnnette
Postage packed with color and beauty with a blueish bird in the Spring or summer and sitting on a gorgeous pink flower.

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