Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Break

For the last couple of months I have been blogging mostly every single day. It takes a lot of time to first hand-pick the most inspiring gifts for you and then create the post.
So I figured this would be a good time to take a break. This does not mean that the blog will not appear any more, but that it will appear irregularly and most often only feature Anne Vis originals. If you prefer work of other artists, just delve into the many previous posts for inspiration! I am not sure yet when things will be back to a previous routine, or if there will be other changes, just keep posted! :-)

So, for today I would like to mention a sale on Zazzle:
50% off 2+ posters, mugs, or t-shirts! Use code: DADSDAY2FOR1

And here is my choice of (all customizable) mugs for you:
Steampunk Father's Day Mug Best Coffee In Town Mug
left: Steampunk Father's Day Mug by sunnysites
A fun bicycle mug in grey and sepia tones with customizable text. A great gift for Father's Day or a birthday!
right: Best Coffee In Town Mug by sunnysites
Spread the word: the best coffee in town! A cute and charming mug, great to give! (and since you can adjust the text, you can also give it to a hot chocolate lover!)
Every Day Earth Day Mug Colorful Hearts Mug
left: Every Day Earth Day Mug by sunnysites
A beautiful green mug to celebrate earth day and every other day!
right: Colorful Hearts Mug by sunnysites
A cheerful mug with a flow of colorful hearts. You can also add text if you like!
Fractal Art Coffee Mug Elegant Fractal Design Mug
left: Fractal Art Coffee Mug by annevisdesign
Mug with original fractal art and a saying by French statesman Talleyrand (1754-1838), which you can alter ... :-)
right: Elegant Fractal Design Mug by annevisdesign
Brand New: Mug with an elegant and original fractal design.
Artistic Ocean Mug Artistic Customizable Colorful Mug
left: Artistic Ocean Mug by annevisdesign
Mug with original fractal art in dreamy colors.
right: Artistic Customizable Colorful Mug by annevisdesign
A happy mug with original summer fractal art. You can customize (or delete) the text.
A great birthday gift or to make a co-worker happy!
I'm The Boss Mug Magical Kittens Mug
left: I'm The Boss Mug by annescats
"I'm the boss" ... cats rule! :-)
A cute and original art mug with cats.
right: Magical Kittens Mug by annescats
A beautiful artistic interpretation of cats. You can customize by adding text!

Also take a look at a previous post with inspiring mugs for men .