Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Inspiring Astrology Gifts for Virgo

In just a week we will be in the sign of Virgo again, so get ready to find your gifts for virgo friends and family. Here are some choices to get you started:
Zodiac - Virgo T Shirt Virgo Excuse Magnet
left: Zodiac - Virgo T Shirt by soulokc
Zodiac Shirt for Virgos.
right: Virgo Excuse Magnet by Victoreeah
By Victoria Lynn Hall. Virgos are hard working and compassionate.
Virgin Zodiac virgo Button Virgo Heart Stickers
left: Virgin Zodiac virgo Button by Nailyce
Virgin Zodiac Virgo. A delightful and beautiful artwork!
right: Virgo Heart Stickers by Arwen_deLyon
Virgo the Virgin.
A great illustration for astrological gifts and the zodiac sign virgo. A watercolor and ink pen traditional painting with a teenage girl representing the star sign, the artist incorporated the symbols of virgo: the harvest time, a wheat field, royal blue, morning glories, and the wings of the celestial goddess of the harvest.
Virgo The Maiden earth sign keychain Virgo Pillows
left: Virgo The Maiden earth sign keychain by Mylittleeden
Virgoan key chain / key ring. A perfect gift perfect gift for Virgoans 23 August – 22 September. Illustration uniquely designed by Sarah Trett.
right: Virgo Pillows by shopphoney
The zodiac signs for kids on a American MoJo custom pillow.
Astrology Virgo Magnet Astrology Virgo iPhone 4 Speck Case
left: Astrology Virgo Magnet by sunnysites
A lovely gift for a Virgo: a magnet with astrological symbols.
right: Astrology Virgo iPhone 4 Speck Case by KoolrPix
Astrology Virgo iPhone 4 Speck Case.
Zodiac Virgo symbol Necklace Virgo (brown skin) Mousepad
left: Zodiac Virgo symbol Necklace by MicTure
Zodiac Virgo symbol Necklace - beautiful present for birthdays, and just showing you care. spread your love around :)
right: Virgo (brown skin) Mousepad by StoneRhythms
Virgo (brown skin) Mouse Pad.

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