Friday, March 1, 2013

Top Ten Charming Cat Cards

Always adorable and heartwarming, making us smile, bring out the playful side in us ... and yes, sometimes make us sneeze or push our buttons ... Life with cats is never boring!
And when you come home after a stressful there is nothing like finding your blessed kitties smile at you as if nothing ever happened ...
Today I made a selection of ten inspiring and original cat art cards:
Sympathy Cat Card Happy Home Cats Card
left: Sympathy Cat Card by annescats
A dreamy spiritual cat art card with a smiling ethereal cat in a hazy landscape. This card is perfect as a cat sympathy card, but can also be customized for any other occasion.
right: Happy Home Cats Card by annescats
A colorful cat art card with a line of smiling houses and cats on the roof, in the windows and basically everywhere (you know how they manage to get into almost anything!) :-)
This card is purrfect to congratulate a loved one with their new home or just because ...
Solar Tropics Cat Card Baby Kitty Card
left: Solar Tropics Cat Card by annescats
Any cat lover will have to smile at this card, with the cute kitten carrying a solar panel on her belly ... belly up in the sun (of course!). A beautiful colorful art card with a fresh summer feel, customizable to your personal occasion!
right: Baby Kitty Card by annescats
This sweet baby kitten is sleeping (no, not snoring!) ... a lovely dream against an original beeswax or encaustic background ...
Nice to congratulate on the arrival of a new kitten or just because ...
Kitty Birthday Card Kitty Birthday Song Card
left: Kitty Birthday Card by annescats
A colorful and cute birthday card, also nice for kids!
right: Kitty Birthday Song Card by annescats
A cute cat made of a musical note, singing a personal birthday song for your loved one! (I am afraid you will have to sing along, this card is not having added sound effects) Great for anyone who loves music and cats!
Cute Kitten Belated Birthday Card Romantic Oriental Dream Cats Card
left: Cute Kitten Belated Birthday Card by annescats
Happy belated birthday from a cute baby cat! You can be assured that your loved one will forgive you for being late ... as it is easy to forgive a cute baby cat whatever they have done! :-)
right: Romantic Oriental Dream Cats Card by annescats
A fairy tale like greeting card reminding of a thousand and one nights ... Two kittens in love watching the sunset over the water, minarets in the far distance ...
Romantic Cat Lovers Card Sweet Resting Kitty Get Well Soon Card
left: Romantic Cat Lovers Card by annescats
Two kittens being sweet and sensual with each other ... softly whispering words of love and tenderness ... A romantic and charming love art card.
right: Sweet Resting Kitty Get Well Soon Card by annescats
The soft purring sound of a cat has a healing effect and also their relaxed way of being is an example for many of us busy bees ... A heartwarming get well card!