Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Home decoration - bathroom inspiration

Turning an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious spa experience ... Wouldn't that be nice?
A gift for yourself?
I am offering some thoughts here on how you could accomplish this with a minimum effort.

What color scheme is nice for a bathroom?

This depends on what kind of atmosphere you would like to create in your bathroom. Are you going for fresh? Or do you prefer a warm and cozy kind of bathroom?
In the first situation you may want to go for blue and green hues: Magical Ocean Fractal Art Tile Vibrant Blue Turquoise Ceramic Tile
Yellow and pinks work better for a warm atmosphere: Mosaic Style Bathroom or Kitchen Tile Sunlight Style Design Tile
Another popular color for the bathroom is white.
But even in white, a lot of different shades are available, and you may choose for a slightly cream or lime color:
Stylish White Floral Design Tile Elegant Bathroom or Kitchen Design Tile
Once you have determined the color scheme for your new bathroom, you want to think of where and how to use these colors to your best advantage.

The effect of color on space

Keep in mind that adding more color to your space, may make it look smaller. In small bathrooms, you want to use lighter colors.
Having said that: even just one beautiful bathroom tile, can turn a bleak bathroom into a pleasant one. Consider the contrast in these examples:
Floral Design Ceramic Tile Elegant Green Bathroom Tile
You can see that the light green tile will create more space, whereas the left blue and pink tile will create a fresh and intimate atmosphere.


How small accents can have a big impact

A powerful way to create a great atmosphere is to use matching colors. Hence the choice of your towels and the soap dispenser will have a big impact in the overall experience of your bathroom. So, for instance if your choice is for a fresh bathroom atmosphere, you may want to combine white, green, blue and teal. Use any of these colors for your towels and bathroom curtain and add some tiles in these colors.
Fresh Green & Blue Bathroom Ceramic Tile Fractal Sea Star Bathroom Ceramic Tile
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