Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What makes a gift a great gift?

The Holiday season is coming up and we are all looking for nice gifts for each other.
But how can you increase the chances of making someone really happy with their gift?
Here are a few thoughts you may want to consider:

1. Occasion

A Christmas gift is not only a gift, but is also intended to enhance the "Holiday atmosphere". You can find something with a Christmas themed print on it, or choose to limit this aspect to the wrapping. Red & White Spiral Fractal Wallet Festive Christmas Red Star Flower Sticker
Also take into consideration that your loved one may want to use your gift after the holidays as well. A phone case with Santa on it, will look odd in May and you may want to choose a more neutral, yet festive item.

2. For a man or a woman?

It is official: finding gifts for men is a daunting task!
My personal experience is that men especially like something that is practical to use in their daily life. (That's probably why many of them end up giving women kitchen utensils ... :-))
Gadgets also score well, so anything with electronics may be received very well indeed. Abstract Blue Patterned Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Escher Fractal Style Tie
Of course you can always revert to a classic tie! ;-)
For women it is seemingly easier to find something they might like, but this can be tricky. Perfume, wine or flowers may seem easy, but the individual taste of every woman is different. If you know a woman well, that helps and you may even be in a position to ask what they would like to have. If you don't know a woman well, you may first want to find out if she is a "girly" type of woman or a more no-nonsense or "tom boy" kind of woman. Would she be happy with a scarf or an item for home decoration or do you need to look at more practical gifts? Dreamy Flowers Original Art Calendar Gold & Burgundy Striped Photo Frame Magnet
Of course a very personal gift, like a photo frame magnet, is delightful if you know someone well!

3. What's your budget?

You want to make someone happy, but you also don't want to be broke after the Holidays.
Giving small, yet personal gifts, can be hugely rewarding for both the giver and the receiver.
Think about gifts that have the name of the person you give it to on them, or a picture, like in the photo frame magnet above.
Sometimes it is more important to show that you care and think about someone, rather than giving "big gifts".
Here are some examples of "affordable" gifts:
Angels Key Chains Rainbow Rose Button

4. For what age?

Of course it makes a huge difference what the age of your loved one is.
You think toys for kids, but another aspect that you may want to take into consideration when shopping for kids is the aspect of bonding. Does your gift help your child to interact with others? Is it something you can do together? Does it enrich their creative potential? If your child is only into computer gadgets, you are of course going nowhere with anything outside their scope. In that case it may be fun to go to a movie of their choice together.
Hobby related gifts may be a great choice:
Unicorn Plate Music Binder
For older people, it is also important to look at their life style and the hobbies and activities they employ.
Many elderly people love to travel, so maybe a luggage tag with their own name and address on it is a nice and personal gift.
And if they are active on the internet, of course electronics may be a good choice.
Exotic Fractal Adventure Travel Luggage Tag Elegant Sunny Fractal Flower iPad Mini Case

5. Add a spoonful of humor!

Don't take the business of finding gifts too serious ... it will wear you out!
In giving, it is always important to feel good about yourself and being able to give from a place of joy. Imagine the smile on their face!
Of course it helps to find really funny gifts. If you think about the most popular YouTube videos, you know that there is a great chance of finding cute or hilarious cat gifts. Not just for the crazy cat lady, but anyone who at least likes cats.
The Morning After - a Mondriaan's (Mondrian) Cat Mug Cute Christmas Photo Frame Customizable Magnet
Of course there are many other factors to take into consideration, but hopefully this will give you a good start! Happy Holidays!

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