Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Top 7 Most Creative & Personal Wedding Gifts

OK, everyone is happy with cash, BUT ... Are you enjoying to give it? Will they remember on their tenth wedding anniversary?
The most likely answer is no. It is a temporary help and appreciated, but that's where it stops.
It is so much more fun to give something they did not expect! So if you are looking for an original or creative gift, one that you enjoy to give and they enjoy to receive, read on!
The gift items you find below are also great as "next to the cash" gift.
First of all, I'd like to introduce Zazzle here. If you are not already familiar with Zazzle: Gifts on Zazzle can be customized. Meaning: you can add text, choose your own fonts, font sizes, rotate images and fonts, tile images and so much more. This way you can create a completely custom and personal experience.
So let's get started:

1. Wedding Photo Albums

Vintage Twin Flame Wedding Guestbook/Photo Binder Vintage Birds of Paradise Wedding Guestbook Binder
Left is a wedding photo binder from the Twin Flame wedding line. The one on the right is from the Vintage Love Birds wedding line.
Wedding binders are both romantic and personal. You can add pictures of the couple as you have known them before they got married or maybe the time you spent with them at university. You can collect pictures of all the guests that will attend the wedding and make a collective creative personal gift. This way giving becomes a joy and you will all laugh about it for years after the wedding!

2. Honeymoon Luggage Tags

Send It With Love Green Jade & Pearls Luggage Tag Horse Lovers Honeymoon Luggage Tag
Left is a honeymoon luggage tag from the Green Pearls wedding line. The one on the right is from the Winter Horses wedding line. Especially if you know that the couple loves to travel or they are going on a honeymoon, a luggage tag is a delightful and personal gift. You add their names and (new) address on the back and you're done!

3. Wedding Pillows

Japanese Cranes Wedding Love Birds Pillow White Elephants in Love Wedding Pillow
The pillow on the left is from the Japanese Cranes wedding line. Japanse cranes are a symbol of happiness and longevity and also fidelity ... perfect for your newly weds! ;-)
The one on the right is from the Elephant Themed wedding line.
Soft, romantic and sweet ... a personal and custom wedding pillow!

4. Wedding Mug

Horses & Lace Country Wedding Photo Mug Romantic Blue Love Birds Wedding / Anniversary Mug
Mugs are great personal gifts. You can add a picture and also customize and/or add text. Nice to make a mug for both the bride and the groom!
The mug on the left as shown here is part of the horses and rustic country style wedding line, the mug on the right is part of a wedding line with blue birds.

5. Wedding Clock

Time flies when you are having fun! Add the names of the couple and the date to the clock for a beautiful and original wedding gift:
Tropical Love Birds Wedding Clock Romantic Pink Flamingos Wall Clock
The left wall clock is part of the Tropical Love Birds wedding line and the clock on the right belongs to the romantic art deco style Pink Flamingos wedding line

6. Wedding Cork Coaster

With a beautiful cork coaster it is always Happy Hour! Twin Flame Candlelight Wedding Coaster Vintage Vineyard Fine Art Customizable Coaster
The cork coaster on the left is part of the Twin Flames wedding line and the right cork coaster belongs to the Vineyard Autumn wedding line. This last one also offers the option to add a custom picture!

7. Wedding Congratulations Card

Romantic Love Song Wedding Congratulations Card Blue Winter Wedding Congratulations Card
Especially if you have decided to give the couple money for their wedding, it is nice to add a beautiful Congratulations card.
The card on the left is part of a Music Theme wedding line and the card on the right of a romantic Blue Winter wedding line
Of course you can also opt for the Just married bumper stickers! :-)
Leaves me to wish you a happy and cheerful wedding party!

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